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My BKtotheBeach Fundraising Page

Benjamin Kluwgant

Benjamin Kluwgant

This June, I will be joining Friendship Circle of Brooklyn in their annual century bike ride.

Please help me support Friendship Circle by making a contribution and supporting my ride. Every dollar I raise will advance this great cause! Friendship Circle of Brooklyn exists to bring happiness and companionship to children and young adults with special needs, by celebrating their individuality. Friendship Circle brings energy, support, and peace of mind to the children and their families. They create meaningful relationships and friendships between teen volunteers and children with special needs, increasing confidence, igniting dreams, and redefining worldviews. 

This cause is very dear to me, and I'll appreciate all the support I can get! Together, we can make a difference!

Just like that, we’ve hit our milestone of $2,200. So incredible to see family and friends come out in such great support.

Clearly, there’s more work to do.

One of Mussie’s well know traits was persistence. I always knew that I could count on her pre-Shabbat or Chag or Simcha message (and of course, her 🤓 emoji signature).

Admittedly, sometimes her message got lost among the others and there were weeks I did not respond. Yet, the next week, there was her message. Again. 

Consistency is about showing up. Regardless of the circumstances. That’s how you train for long bike rides and marathons, that’s how you treat your loved ones,  that’s how you grow in life. 

So, I’m appealing to you, partner with me to bring Mussie’s consistency into our own lives. Let’s show up for those in need. Let’s show up #forMussie.


Thank you for visiting my BK-to-the-beach fundraiser for Friendship Circle NY. 

Earlier this year, my dear cousin Mussie Sputz passed away at the age of 22, and I am raising funds in her honour - supporting a cause that she greatly benefited from.

Mussie was a special soul who brought smiles and happiness to those who she interacted with. She would bask in happiness of others, and made it her business to maintain relationships with her family and friends - near and far. 

Mussie's parents, Dovid and Eidle Sputz, are remarkable people who gave Mussie a life filled with meaning and opportunities - notwithstanding her disabilities. They have set a tremendous standard for the way in which we can all relate to those living with special needs, and my hope is that by contributing to this cause, we will emulate their incredible kindness.

Mussie was 22 when she passed, so I've set the fundraising goal for $2200. 

A 100 mile bike ride is a small feat when compared against the incredible work organizations like Friendship Circle continue to do for people like my cousin Mussie. But, my hope is that through your partnership, together we can contribute meaningfully to this worthy cause.


raised of $5,000 goal

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