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Noach Hurwitz

Noach hurwitz

This June, I will be joining Friendship Circle of Brooklyn in their annual bike ride from Brooklyn to the Hamptons.

If you don't understand what the big deal of Friendship Circle is, you are blessed and should donate out of gratefulness that you don't get it. If you do know how great they are then what are you waiting for?

As someone who grew up with an autistic sister, I get it. So let me share.

Your best part of the day is when you are at work/school, and don't see deal with or even see/hear the chaos. When you do come home things are hectic. In a normal world home is where you have peace and calm. In a home with a highly special needs individual there is no calm.

Often times these families don't have the means to hire extra help on their own. The real losers in these cases are the siblings who suffer the most.

Friendship Circle comes along and takes the special needs individual out for an hour or two. Or they come into the home and entertain the extraordinary (in the Rebbe's words) individual for a couple of hours. This restores calm and nerves, and causes the family to have more patience for their child/sibling.

Friendship Circle helps the parents regroup and give attention to their other children. They give the siblings a break. And they give the special child friendship.

The difference is amazing. Friendship Circle is amazing.

So go ahead and join me in support Friendship Circle!


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